The Order

The shirt service that Stephen offers is purely bespoke; the shape, style, cloth, colour and finer details can all be individually specified. Once the cloth is chosen and the collar, cuff and details are decided, Stephen will take measurements and assess you figuration. Your posture effects the way a shirt hangs, and so when drafting up your unique bespoke shirt pattern it is important to not only work from measurements. Stephen accepts an initial minimum order of four shirts. Subsequent orders may be smaller quantities.
To preserve the life of your shirts Stephen recommends having two sets of shirts for the week, which can be alternated. This strategy of ten shirts will ensure you do not wear the shirts out quickly from a rapid circulation of cleaning, pressing and wearing.
Planning your wardrobe to ensure that your shirts cover all your needs is also a good strategy. Deciding which colours and patterns you require (for instance two white to cream, two of different shades of blue, a few in checks or stripes), and in which colour any details such as monogramming would work, as well as considering whether it will be worn with or without a tie in order to choose appropriate collar types, are all sensible things to consider when planning your order.